medıstate hospıtal erbıl haır transplantatıon


Dr.Ali Yuva


Hair transplant

What is hair transplantation?

One of the most common cosmetic problems nowadays is hair loss. Although male-specific, women have the same problem. Hair loss between the daily 50 and 100 wire is normal. If there is a spill higher than the above numbers, a specialist Consulted.

Although hair loss can be reduced or prevented through various hair treatments such as hair laser, PRP, hair transplantation is carried out as a permanent solution for people with intense spills.

Hair transplantation is a natural and durable solution to the problem of enlargement and baldness caused by hair loss. Hair transplantation is a gene follicles that is resistant to spout from the neck region of the patient, which is grown in the roots of baldness or diluted sections. Hair transplantation process is a delicate surgery performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, it should be done in the hospital environment and should be accompanied by an anesthesiologist.

Who can apply hair transplantation?

 Nowadays, men over the age of 18 are faced with the problem of hair loss with the effect of DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).Therefore, hair transplantation is the most applied cosmetic surgery method for men.Hair loss is not just a male condition. Many women may also experience hair loss or thinness.


Baldness, which is one of the biggest aesthetic problems for men, has become a problem that can be solved by hair transplantation. However, choosing the best hair transplantation center can be quite difficult. Turkey's best hair transplantation centers as possible, we tried to list subjectively. A lot of people are trying to make the best possible decision about hair transplantation. We conducted a survey on customer satisfaction surveys and customer comments on the boards of Istanbul's best hair transplantation center and made it easy for our valued followers to choose the best center.